What Are the Measurements for the Maneuverability Test in Ohio?


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The measurements for the maneuverability test in Ohio according to the Ohio BMV are 9 feet by 20 feet. For the maneuverability test, the driver will need to drive forward through the box, which will be marked by four markers.

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The driver will need to steer to the right or the left marker following the examiner's rules. Then the driver will need to watch where the rear bumper meets the marker and stop there. Next, the driver will have to back up past the marker and straighten the car to fit it through the box. When this happens, the driver will be parallel to both marks and will have demonstrated the ability to parallel park.

If the driver touches or knocks over a marker, then he or she will have to go back to the beginning and start again. The test cannot be fully completed until the vehicle and the driver have made their way through the test area without knocking over or running over any markers. There also cannot be any dangerous or reckless driving actions.

The scoring will start out with all points and points will be deducted from the perfect score for mistakes such as not stopping to check the progress, bumping into markers, misjudging the stopping distance of markers and not being parallel with the test area of the markers. Knocking over a marker is an immediate failure.

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