How Do You Measure Thigh Size?

How Do You Measure Thigh Size?

To measure thigh size, wrap a tape measure around the thigh midpoint, and read the measurement. Allow the thigh to regain its normal texture for a few minutes, and take another measurement. Calculate the average of the two measurements to get the thigh size.

  1. Locate the midpoint

    Put on a tight-fitting pair of shorts, and put a mirror beside your thigh. Locate the midpoint between the knee back and the lower part of your buttocks. This is the midpoint of your thigh.

  2. Measure the thigh

    Round the thigh midpoint with tape measure so the tape doesn't compress the thigh. Read the measurement. Wait for a few minutes to allow the thigh skin to recover its texture, and repeat the procedure to take a second measurement.

  3. Find the thigh size

    Add the two measurements, and divide the answer by two to get the average size of the thigh.