How Do You Measure Your Stride?


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Although there are numerous ways to calculate your stride, the simplest way is to walk ten steps, measure the distance traveled, and divide that measurement by 10. Required tools include a tape measure, chalk or other marking device, and a calculator. This process takes less than 5 minutes.

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How Do You Measure Your Stride?
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  1. Pick a flat, level surface

    Locate a flat, level path for walking. Make sure there are no obstacles in the path. Sidewalks generally work well for this activity.

  2. Mark a starting point

    Use chalk to mark a starting point on the sidewalk. If chalk does not mark the surface, any stationary object can indicate where the count will start.

  3. Begin walking several feet behind the starting line

    Stand several feet behind the starting line. Begin to walk using your normal stride.

  4. Count 10 steps after reaching the starting line

    Once your toe reaches the starting line, count as you walk forward 10 steps. Don't change the speed of your stride.

  5. Mark the stopping point

    Upon reaching the tenth step, stop, and mark the location of your toe with chalk.

  6. Measure the distance, and divide it by 10

    Use the tape measure to find the distance between the starting line and the last mark made. Divide this measurement by 10. This number is your stride length. The process can be repeated and the results averaged to obtain a more accurate measurement.

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