How Do You Measure Shoulder Width?


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To measure your shoulder width properly, measure from the outer edge of your shoulder, over your armpits, and across the top of your chest to the outer edge of the other shoulder. You need the help of another person to measure your own shoulder width.

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  1. Find a partner

    It is easier to measure your shoulder width using another person. You must stand with your arms by your sides, while your partner uses a tape measure to measure the width of your shoulders.

  2. Start at the edge of one shoulder

    Have your partner place the edge of the tape measure on the top part of your arm at the edge of your outer shoulder. Look for the widest part of the shoulder to make sure you have the full width.

  3. Pass the tape measure above the armpits

    Make sure that the tape measure sits level above your armpits. This is widest part of the shoulders. Your armpits also serve as a good guide for keeping the tape measure level.

  4. Finish at the outer edge of the other shoulder

    Run the tape measure to the outer edge of the other shoulder. Make sure that it is level with the start of the tape measure. Have your partner read the measurement.

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