How Do You Measure Length, Width and Height?

You can measure the length, width and height of any object by using a measuring device, such as a ruler or tape measure. Laying the object on a flat surface also helps to get more accurate figures.

  1. Choose a unit

    Whether you opt to measure in inches, millimeters or another unit of measurement, it is important to use the same unit for all three measurements.

  2. Choose a measuring device

    The measuring device you should use depends on the size and location of the object you are measuring. A ruler can be used for small objects, while a tape measure is preferable for larger ones or objects that are harder to reach.

  3. Measure all of the sides

    Note that when you place the object flat on a surface, the height is the dimension from the floor to the topmost part of the object. When measuring the other sides, the length is the longer of the two, and width is the remaining side.