How Do You Measure a Land Lot?

measure-land-lot Credit: Katarina Stefanovic/Moment/Getty Images

Websites, mobile applications and GPS devices that use virtual maps and provide accurate results can help you measure a land lot. is a free measurement tool that uses Google Maps and calculates the area, perimeter and length of a lot. It is available for PC, iPhone or Android systems. Measure Your Land and Planimeter are mobile apps you can use for such measurements.

To use, you can enter an address and navigate the map it displays to locate the land lot. Then, click along the perimeter to define it. A similar tool is available on, under the Map Tools section.

GeoMeter is a GPS device which measures travelled distance, area and perimeter, by tracking movement along lot boundaries. It also includes a drawing tool and can divide a surface into smaller parts. The device can operate without a base station and can connect to a PC or laptop.

Measure Your Land and Planimeter are applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. They determine distance or area, using satellite maps and allowing you to tap along the lines of a lot. Measure Your Land is free and can locate addresses and ZIP codes. It considers Earth’s surface curvature for accurate results. Both apps have multiple measuring systems available, including metric and imperial.