How Do You Measure Arm Reach?

Measure arm reach using a tape measure. First, stand in front of a wall, and extend one of your arms horizontally in front of you, keeping your fingertips straight. Walk towards the wall until you touch it. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the armpit and the wall. This is arm reach.

Arm reach is the physical measurement of the length of an individual?s arms when raised parallel to the ground at shoulder height. The average reach correlates to the individual?s height.

Boxers with a long reach are said to have an advantage over shorter reaches. However, those with shorter arm reach benefit from shorter punch recovery, have more punching speed, endurance, agility, balance and power. Boxers with short arm reach also tend to be taller, and therefore have a lower center of gravity for stability.

Having an above average arm reach is also beneficial in sports such as basketball, discus throw, swimming and fencing as well as hobbies, such as mountain climbing and biking. A long reach is also considered part of a ballerina?s conventional look. Long arm reach is, however, disadvantageous when lifting weights, especially when performing the bench press. The lifter has to complete a wider range of motion to execute the workout.