What Is Meant by Reclassification in Terms of the Environment?


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The process of reclassification is used to change the status of an area as classified under such rules as the Clean Air Act. An example of reclassification would be changing changing the classification of an entity from moderate pollution to high pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may request an area to voluntarily reclassify if the appropriate conditions exist.

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There are several reasons that could lead the EPA to reclassify an area. One reason could be carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. Once an area has been reclassified as a high-pollution area, the EPA would most likely request an Ozone State Implementation Plan. The plan would include specific ways to decrease the ozone levels over a stated time period. The plan would have to be approved by the EPA before it is implemented and would be required to meet the federal ozone standard.

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