What Are Some Meanings of Different Colors?


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Blue is associated with intelligence, peace, importance and strength, and green conjures harmony, nature, growth and health. Warm colors such as orange, red, pink or yellow may be associated with excitement and possibly anger. Cool colors such as blue and green often have soothing or calming qualities.

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Gold is a traditional color that signals wealth, brightness and exorbitance. Yellow is used for remembrance, and it is a positive and uplifting color. Orange is another warm color that is associated with change, energy and vitality. Red signals heat, passion, power and love, and pink is a delicate hue that may bring to mind romance and kindness.

Purple is a mix of warm and cool colors that evokes royalty, romance, sacredness and preciousness. Lavender is a feminine color that is very graceful and delicate. Beige is a relaxing and reserved hue. The color black often brings to mind mystery, sophistication and convention, and white is a soft color that recalls innocence and purity.

Brown is a simple color that is associated with friendliness, wholesomeness and earthiness. Ivory is a very soft and pleasant hue, and silver represents glamour and wealth. The color gray is conservative, and it is connected to formality and sophistication. Turquoise has a retro feel, and it may be associated with femininity and class.

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