What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Caught in a Tornado?


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Dreaming about being caught in a tornado or other type of disaster usually means that the person feels caught in a chaotic circumstance that is beyond his control. This dream may mean the person is overwhelmed with a present life situation.

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Dreaming of being caught in a tornado or a similar natural disaster, such as a flood, hurricane or volcanic eruption, is one of the top-20 universal dream themes. It is common among those who are undergoing tumultuous periods in their waking lives, but other dreamers report having disaster-themed dreams on a fairly regular basis, regardless of their life situations. Dreaming about tornadoes and other emergencies, such as volcanoes, lightning storms and hurricanes, may be a subconscious reflection of a whirlwind situation that the person is currently experiencing during his waking life. Most commonly, feelings of terror or fear for one's life are associated with these dreams.

To self-interpret disaster dreams, an individual may consider what situation in waking life is making him feel unsafe or how he can get the help he needs during this time of crisis. On the other hand, experts state that specific dreams may mean different things for dreamers at different times in their lives.

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