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"Maturation" is a noun that refers to the process of becoming mature. Maturation is a natural and ongoing development for most living things. People mature over the course of their lives, but significant maturation takes place during adolescence as children transition into young adults.

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Maturation includes physical, mental and emotional development. Young people go through physical maturation as they get taller and their bodies change. Mental and emotional maturation occurs at different rates in different people. In general, significant maturation takes place between early adolescence and young adulthood. During this process, people learn from mistakes and develop coping mechanisms. To build healthy relationships, individuals need to achieve a certain level of mental and emotional maturity.

Animals and plants go through similar maturation processes as they grow from early stages of life to more advanced stages. Animals grow and experience body changes just as humans do.

Maturity is also used as a synonym for wisdom and experience. Maturation is also used to describe the aging or development process when speaking of certain natural products. Fruits are said to go through maturation as they become ripe and tasty, and wine is said to mature as it ages and achieves a taste that is more desirable to discerning drinkers.

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