What Materials Are Needed to Build a Solar Panel at Home?

The materials needed to build a solar panel at home are solar cells, tabbing wire, bus wire, a flux pen, a base board, glue, silver solder and a soldering iron. There are many types of solar cells, so speak with your vendor about your solar energy and wattage production goals and the intended use of your solar panel. A suitable inverter is also necessary to invert the direct current output of your panel into the alternating currents commercial appliances use.

The basic process to build a solar panel involves mounting solar cells onto a thin board and connecting all wiring. The board should be made out of non-conductive materials. If it is your first time building a solar panel, detailed instructions are available at sites such as WikiHow and Instructables.com. The main reason to build a solar panel is to save on the cost of purchasing a ready-made commercial panel and to harness renewable solar energy.

Solar panels are used to power standard homes, RVs and remote sites with no access to a municipal electrical grid. Not all homemade solar panels are eligible for government grants and rebates, as are commercially produced solar panels. The use of solar energy helps to cut down on your monthly power bill.