What Materials Do You Need for the Egg Floating Experiment?


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The floating egg experiment requires two tall drinking glasses, two raw eggs, some table salt and one spoon. A side-by-side demonstration, using two eggs, shows the difference in densities of fresh water and salt water.

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To perform the experiment, drop one raw egg gently into a glass of ordinary tap water, where it sinks to the bottom. This is due to the fact that the density of the uncooked egg is greater than that of the water.

Add water to a second glass until it is half full, and stir in approximately 6 tablespoons of table salt. Pour tap water into the salt water very carefully so that the fresh and salt water do not mix. Drop the second egg gently into this glass. The egg doesn't sink to the bottom, as the density of the salt water solution is greater than that of the egg.

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