What Materials Can Withstand Extreme Heat?

Nickel-based alloys and molybdenum alloys that are combined with silicon and boron are all materials that can withstand extreme heat. Nickel based alloys are the current go-to metal for extreme heat, but they are quickly being replaced with smarter metal options.

As technology advances and more materials are needed for extreme heat, it is important that producers have the right materials they need. Things like jet engines and nuclear testing facilities all require materials that will be able to withstand the heat that they produce. These materials were typically made out of nickel based alloys, but many production facilities are looking into more readily available options that will allow them to continue creating products that need to be able to stand up to extremely high temperatures. These materials general contain some type of molybdenum with silicon and boron to help reduce the amount of damage that is caused by higher temperatures.

One of the main reasons that production facilities are looking for other high-heat material options is the possibility of running out of resources. Nothing lasts forever and producers are looking ahead into the future where nickel may not be as readily available.