What Is the Mass Number of Aluminum?

mass-number-aluminum Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

The atomic mass of aluminum is 26.981539 amu and the atomic number of aluminum is 13. This light, grey metal is able to resist corrosion which makes it ideal for many applications.

It is most commonly used in aluminum soda cans and vehicles which are both extremely susceptible to erosion due to the high level of wear and tear. The acid in the soda has the potential to help erode a variety of other metals, and cars are subjected to erosion-causing elements on a daily basis. It is also ideal for vehicles because unlike other metals that were used in the past for vehicular applications, it is a metal that is not able to spark. It is not magnetic and will not be affected by any type of magnetic force that could potentially do harm to it.

While the beginning of aluminum seemed promising for people who were hopeful to replace steel with it, it has not worked out that way. There are some minor things that have been changed from steel, but aluminum has made its own way in the metal world. After it had been discovered as an excellent source for metal applications, it became very expensive. As people learned that it was in abundance and there were certain ways to reduce the electrolytic process in the metal, it lowered in price and became more practical than the decorative applications it was originally used in.