What Is the Mass of 1 Mole of Carbon Dioxide CO2?

The mass of 1 mole of carbon dioxide, which is a gas, is 44.0095 grams per mole. This is called the molar mass, or molecular weight, of carbon dioxide.

To find molar mass, it is necessary to calculate the product of the atomic masses of carbon and oxygen with their respective number of atoms, given in the molecular formula CO2. From the periodic table, the values for the atomic masses of carbon and oxygen are 12.0107 and 15.9994 respectively. Because there is one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms, the molar mass is (1 x 12.0107) + (2 x 15.9994), which is equal to 44.0095 grams per mole.

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, incombustible gas that is present in the Earth’s atmosphere. Exposure to excessive quantities of this gas can cause harmful health effects.