What Does "Mars in Gemini" Mean?


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Mars in Gemini is an astrological marker which signifies that the planet Mars was located in the constellation of Gemini at the time of birth. In astrology, Mars is said to reveal a person's basic animal nature including sexuality, aggressive instincts, and drive. If an individual has Mars in Gemini, he or she will be passionate about words and will use them as weapons when angered.

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What Does "Mars in Gemini" Mean?
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Mars in Gemini people are talkative and are skilled at debating. They have a lot of nervous energy and display restless behavior. Gemini rules the hands, so a Mars in Gemini person is likely to express energy through musical instruments, puzzles or games. These individuals thrive on change and are often overloaded as they tend to take on many projects at once. Sexually, Mars in Gemini is inquisitive, which leads to a desire for many different partners and styles of sex. This wandering is cured when a Mars in Gemini person falls in love. Mars in Gemini individuals are busy people, always working on some sort of project because they do not like routine but are quite versatile. Mars in Gemini people can benefit from trying to focus their energies instead of scattering them.

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