How Was Mars Created?


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According to Tim Sharp at Space.com, the planet Mars was formed in a similar fashion to every other planet in the Milky Way solar system. The formation occurred when a collection of gas and dust collapsed in on itself and pulled matter into the center of its gravitational force. This caused elements to clump into collections of planets. This is only scientists' present theory of planetary formation.

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Mars attracts a lot of attention from astronomers due to the fact that it has a climate quite similar to Earth's. Mars reaches temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit at its equator during the summer months. Mars also experiences seasons and periodic ice ages, but it is very different from Earth in that it does not contain any liquid water.

The planet of Mars does contain frozen masses of water, which leads NASA to question whether a period of global warming might eventually melt the ice on Mars enough to lead to the possibility of life on the planet. It is believed to be unlikely, however, as astronomers have yet to find any evidence that life has ever existed on Mars. As technology improves, scientists hope to continue to investigate Mars for further evidence.

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