How Many Watts Make up a Kilowatt?

many-watts-make-up-kilowatt Credit: paul kline/E+/Getty Images

According to Convert Units, one kilowatt is made up of 1,000 watts. To convert a certain number of watts into the equivalent amount of kilowatts, one multiplies the number of watts times 0.001. Thus, 600 watts is the same as 0.6 kilowatts, since 600 times 0.001 equals 0.6.

Watts are a unit of electricity. A homeowner's electrical bill is calculated by multiplying a set rate times a measure known as kilowatts per hour of electricity used. To perform an inverse conversion from kilowatts to watts, one multiples the number of kilowatts by 1,000. Therefore, 0.0034 kilowatts is the equivalent of 3,400 watts of electricity.