How Many Varieties Are There of Cactus Plants?


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In the cactus family, there are approximately 1,800 different species, notes the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Some different varieties or types of cacti include barrel, cholla, prickly pear, hedgehog, columnar and pincushion cacti. Columnar cacti, whichare typically tall, include the species saguaro, senita, organpipe and cardon.

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Although there are so many different species of cacti, all these plants are succulents with spines that can grow in dry and hot regions. In North America, these different types ofcacti plants are found in desert areas of the United StatesSouthwestand Mexico. One of the most well-known cacti are the saguaro types, which can grow to 40 feet. These are the largest variety that belong to the cactus family. Saguaros grow in parts of Arizona and the Sonoran Desert.

Prickly pear, cholla, hedgehog, barrel and pincushion cacti have cylindrical stems, and they are of various shapes and sizes. Many cacti grow flowers.

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