How Many Tons of Fireworks Are Used Annually?


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In the United States, approximately 60,340 tons of fireworks are used each year, and are set off in public and private settings. Most of the fireworks purchased, regardless of whether used in public areas or backyards, are set off in celebration of Independence Day. Individual residents comprise the majority of fireworks purchases, although commercial consumers buy goods in bulk.

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The 2012 fourth of July firework display in Washington DC alone included over 33 tons. On the same day, Macy’s fired off 1,600 shells a minute in New York.

Fireworks have served as party and celebration items for thousands of years; they were first used in ancient China, after being discovered along with gunpowder. Fireworks used by Americans are often produced in and exported from other countries, including China, Korea, Japan and several European nations.

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