How Many Square Feet Are in 1 Meter?

Photo Courtesy: Westend61/Getty Images

If you’re curious to find out how many square feet are in 1 meter, it helps to understand what types of measurements these are. The meter is a linear measurement, which means it measures the length of something in a straight line. Square feet, on the other hand, measure area. This means they provide the measurement of a square that’s the same length — in this case, 12 inches — on all sides.

It’s not possible to convert 1 meter to square feet because one is a measure of distance and one is a measure of area. However, square feet can be converted to square meters — both of these units measure the area of something. There are 10.76 square feet in 1 square meter. And, although you can’t determine the answer to the question “1 meter is equal to how many square feet?” it can help to know that a linear meter measures 3.28084 linear feet.

Yardsticks typically have meter and centimeter markings as well as markings for feet and inches. They often measure 1 meter in length, which is just over 3 feet. Yardsticks are used more frequently in the United States, where the metric system is rarely used. In countries where the metric system is standard, the use of meter-length rulers without conversion is more common.