How many satellites does Pluto have?


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The dwarf planet Pluto has five satellites or moons. Their names are Nix, Styx, Hydra, Kerberos and Charon. Pluto's largest moon is Charon, which was discovered in 1978. Pluto is about a half size larger than Charon.

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Pluto's diameter is approximately 1430 miles while Charon's diameter is about 648 miles. In 2005, Hydra and Nix were found by using the Hubble Space telescope. The last two moons were found in 2011 also with the Hubble telescope. Scientists believe that these moons were formed through a collision of Pluto with a more massive space object.

At one time, Pluto was the ninth planet. However, in 2003, scientist demoted Pluto to dwarf planet status. Pluto is approximately more than 4 billion miles from the sun. It is located in the Kuiper Belt.

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