How Many Quarters Weigh 100 Grams?


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With one quarter weighing 5.670 grams, it takes approximately 17.64 quarters to equal 100 grams. As of 2014, the quarter is the fourth heaviest of the seven U.S. coins in production, after the Presidential and Native American one-dollar coins weighing 8.1 grams each, and the half-dollar, which weighs 11.34 grams.

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How Many Quarters Weigh 100 Grams?
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At 2.5 grams per penny, 40 pennies weigh 100 grams, and at 5 grams per coin, 20 nickels weigh 100 grams. Each dime weighs 2.268 grams, so it takes 44.1 dimes to make up 100 grams. The quarter is also the fourth largest coin in terms of diameter, but it is the fifth largest in terms of thickness. The nickel, half-dollar and dollar coins are thicker than the quarter.

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