How Many Protons Does Titanium Have?

many-protons-titanium Credit: Denver Post/Denver Post/Getty Images

Titanium has an atomic number of 22, which means it has 22 protons and 22 electrons. About 73.8 percent of natural titanium exists as the isotope Ti-48, which contains 26 neutrons. Titanium is a transition metal with the chemical symbol "Ti."

Titanium has high strength like steel, but it is much lighter, making it a useful metal to alloy with other metals, such as iron and aluminum. Alloys from titanium are valuable in the aerospace industry because they are lightweight and heat-resistant. Titanium is also suitable for use in medical procedures because it is non-toxic and inert in the human body.

The vast majority of all titanium goes into the production of titanium dioxide, a bright white pigment used in house paint, artist paint, toothpaste and some plastics.