How Many Ounces Are in a Twenty Dollar Gold Piece?


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Twenty-dollar gold pieces, commonly known as Liberty Head Double Eagle and Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coins, weigh 1.17942 ounces. Of this weight, .9675 ounces, representing 90 percent of the coin, is from gold. The other 10 percent of the weight comes from copper.

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Liberty Head Double Eagle coins were produced from 1849 to 1907 for general circulation, following the need of the U.S. Government to regulate gold coinage following the California Gold Rush. The Liberty Head Double Eagle was eventually replaced by the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, starting in 1907, as the U.S. Mint sought to redesign the nation's hard currency. The Saint-Gaudens twenty-dollar gold coin remained in circulation until the Gold Reserve Act of 1933, when all gold coinage was recalled from use or general ownership.

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