How Many Neutrons Does Sulfur Have?


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Sulfur has 16 neutrons. It is simple to figure out the number of neutrons for any element by using a periodic table. This table gives the atomic weight and atomic number for each element, which are useful for finding the number of neutrons.

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The atomic number for each element is found at the top left side of the specific element. The atomic number is equal to the number of protons of an element.

To find the number of neutrons for any element, subtract the proton number from the mass number. Although the mass number is not on the periodic table, it is estimated from the atomic weight given on this table. For sulfur, the atomic number is 16, which stands for the number of protons. The atomic weight or mass is 32.066, which is estimated as 32. From this mass number, subtract the number of protons or 16 to find the number of neutrons as 16.

Sulfur has a density of 2.07 grams per mole and is a solid nonmetal.

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