How Many Milliliters Equal 1 Cup?

It takes 236.59 milliliters to equal 1 cup. A milliliter is a metric unit for measuring volume, and a single one is equal to 1/1000 of a liter.

To calculate how many milliliters are in cups, divide the number of cups by 0.0042268, then round the result to the nearest one-hundredth. So, in the example of 1 cup, to determine the number of milliliters, the numerical problem is written out as 1/0.0042268=236.5855966688748, which then rounds to 236.59. To calculate the number of milliliters in different numbers of cups, remove the number one representing the number of cups from the numerical equation and plug in the new number. Then, divide by 0.0042268 to get the new amount of milliliters for the new amount of cups.