How Many Miles Per Hour Are Equal to 300 Feet Per Second?


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When converting from feet per second to miles per hour, 300 feet per second are equal to 204.55 miles per hour. To find this answer, it is necessary to use the conversion factor that 1.0 feet per second (fps) is equal to 0.68182 miles per hour (mph).

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Multiplying 300 fps by the factor 0.68182 mph/1.0 fps gives the answer 204.55 mph. If students do not know this conversion factor, then the answer is also found by using the facts that 1.0 hour is equal to 3,600 seconds and 1.0 mile is equal to 5,280 feet. The calculation for finding the answer is 300 feet/second x 3,600 seconds/ 1.0 hour x 1.0 mile/5,280 feet.

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