How Many Megabytes Make One Gigabyte?


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There are 1,024 megabytes per gigabyte. A byte is an eight-bit unit of digital information. There are 1,024 bytes per kilobyte and 1,024 kilobytes per megabyte, meaning that there are 1,073,741,824 bytes per gigabyte.

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Although the terms "kilobytes," "megabytes" and "gigabytes" use similar prefixes to the International System of Units, they do not adhere to the base-10 nomenclature inherent in that system. Computer memory uses a binary architecture. This can lead to some confusion, as the variance between decimal and binary prefixes increases exponentially per level. An SI kilobyte, exactly 1,000 bytes, is 2.34 percent less than a binary kilobyte; a decimal gigabyte is 6.87 percent less than a binary gigabyte.

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