How Many Lymph Nodes Are There in the Groin?

The human groin contains approximately 13 to 15 lymph nodes. There are roughly 10 superficial inguinal lymph nodes and three to five deep inguinal lymph nodes. The inguinal lymph nodes are located below the inguinal ligament in the upper inner thigh.

Superficial inguinal nodes are positioned under the Camper's fascia, a layer of the abdominal wall's connective tissue. They drain primarily into the deep inguinal lymph nodes.

The deep inguinal lymph nodes are positioned below a layer of the inner thigh's connective tissue called the cribriform fascia. The top-most node of this area is named Cloquet's node. Inguinal lymph nodes drain to the external iliac lymph nodes, pelvic lymph nodes and paraaortic lymph nodes.

The lymphatic system aids with the body's immune defenses, maintains fluid balance and filters waste.