How Many Liters Is 50 Centiliters?


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A total volume of 50 centiliters is equivalent to 0.5 liter, because 1 liter is equal to 100 centiliters. To convert centiliters back to liters, divide the amount in centiliters by 100. The volume of 50 centiliters divided by 100 is equal to 0.5, which is 0.5 liters.

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How Many Liters Is 50 Centiliters?
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A liter equals 1,000 cubic decimeters, or a cube with 10-centimeter sides. As of 2014, the centiliter is rarely ever used, with the liter and milliliter being preferred. Thus, to convert 50 centiliters to milliliters, multiply 50 by 10, as there are 10 milliliters in every deciliter. The conversion yields 500 milliliters.

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