How Many Liters Are in 16 Ounces?


Sixteen fluid ounces of liquid is equal to 0.47318 liters. In other words, when rounded off to tenths, 16 ounces is equal to about 0.5 liter.

One U.S. fluid ounce is the equivalent of 29.574 milliliters. Since 1 liter is the same as 1,000 milliliters, 1 fluid ounce is equal to 0.029574 liters. To convert fluid ounces to liters, multiply the number of fluid ounces by the number of liters in an ounce, which is 0.029574. When 16 is multiplied by that number, the resulting number of liters is 0.47318 liters. One liter is equal to exactly 33.814 fluid ounces.