How Many Grams Are in 1 Newton?

In terms of grams alone, the equivalent value of 1 newton cannot be explicitly determined because grams are units of mass while newtons are units of force. However, newtons can be expressed in terms of gram-force.

An object's mass is different from its weight. Mass pertains to the amount of material in a substance while weight measures the force a certain mass exerts due to gravitational force, which is equal to 9.8 m/s2. The base unit for mass in the international system of units is kilogram while the standard unit for force is newton.

One newton can be expressed in kilogram-force, which is roughly equivalent to 0.012. Since 1 gram is defined as 1/1,000th of a kilogram, 1 newton is approximately equal to 102 gram-force. Based on the United States customary system, 1 newton is also equivalent to 0.225 pound-force.