How Many Feet Are in One Yard?


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Three feet make 1 yard in the U.S. customary system of measurement. Yards are also units of length in the imperial system and the English system, but the size of the yard is slightly different between these systems. A yard is equal to 0.91 meters in the metric system.

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The yard is the basic unit used for measuring distance in football games in the United States. There are 100 yards from the beginning of one end zone to the beginning of the opposite end zone, for an equivalent of 300 feet. Another equivalent of a yard is one-half fathom, since 1 fathom equals 2 yards.

Volume and weight measurements are also part of the English system. It developed as people used readily accessible household items and body parts to obtain measurements. For instance, a mile consisted of 1,000 paces, and a gallon, which is an old-fashioned name for "pail," measured a large amount of water. According to Regents, the problem with these procedures was inconsistency. Eventually, the English system became standardized, and people used identical units for measurement.

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