How Many Energy Sublevels Are in the Second Principal Energy Level?

many-energy-sublevels-second-principal-energy-level Credit: Fotografias de Rodolfo Velasco/Moment/Getty Images

There are two energy sublevels in the second principal energy level. These two energy sublevels are 2s and 2p. The energy distribution in an atom is divided into a number of principal energy levels, and the principal energy levels are again divided into four basic energy sublevels.

The sublevels are s (sharp), p (principle), d (diffuse) and f (fundamental). The s sublevel can hold two electrons, and the p sublevel can hold six electrons. Therefore, the second principal energy level can hold a total of eight electrons in the 2s and 2p sublevels. Eight is the maximum number of electrons that the second principal energy level needs to fill its octet.