How Many Electrons Does Vanadium Have?


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Vanadium has 23 electrons, 23 protons and 28 neutrons. This metal has the chemical symbol V and belongs to group number 5, and has the atomic weight of 50.9415 grams per mole. The name for this element comes from the Scandinavian goddess Vanadis.

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In 1801, Andres Manuel del Rio discovered this new element. He did send a sample to France for analysis, but there was a dispute regarding this discovery. In 1830, Gabriel Sefstrom received credit for discovering vanadium in a sample of iron ore. The minerals vanadinite and carnotite are some sources of vanadium. Because of its corrosion resistance, vanadium has uses for making pipes and other equipment for the chemical industry. Another use for vanadium is in the form ferrovanadium, a steel additive.

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