How Many Electrons Does Cadmium Have?

Cadmium has 48 electrons, 48 protons and 64 neutrons. This metal has the atomic weight of 112.411 grams per mole, and it is a solid at room temperature. Its boiling point is 1,413 degrees Fahrenheit and its melting point is 609.93 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the periodic table, this element has the chemical symbol Cd and is a member of group 12. In nature, the mineral greenockite contains cadmium. Some zinc ores also have small quantities of this substance. Friedrich Strohmeyer discovered cadmium in 1817 while heating a sample of calamine. As of 2014, the production of cadmium is limited, and it is a byproduct of the zinc ore refining process. Cadmium is a toxic metal that has limited uses. For example, cadmium is an alloying agent used with silver as solder. Because of its toxicity, workers must handle this material with care.