How Many Earths Can Fit in the Sun?

The Sun occupies a volume large enough to contain 1.3 million Earth-size planets. The size of the Earth is insignificant compared to the Sun: It is only about the size of an average sunspot.

The Sun has a diameter of 864,400 miles, compared with Earth's diameter of 7917.5 miles. Thus, the Sun is 109 times as wide as the Earth. The Sun is the largest body in Earth's solar system, containing more than 99 percent of the mass of the entire solar system. Even Jupiter, the largest planet, could fit inside the Sun 987 times. However, the Earth is more dense than the Sun. As the Sun is made up mostly of hydrogen plasma, and the Earth is mainly rock (a denser material), the Sun is "only" 330,000 times the mass of the Earth, despite its one-million-Earth volume.