How Many Cups of Beer Are in a Keg?


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There are 248 8-ounce servings, or cups, of beer in a U.S. keg, or 15.5-gallon half barrel. The 7.75-gallon quarter barrel, or pony keg, contains 124 cups of beer, and the 5.16-gallon sixth barrel, or torpedo keg, contains 82 cups of beer.

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A full half-barrel keg of beer is very heavy, and it weighs approximately 160 pounds. The keg itself is approximately 30 pounds, and it is typically made of stainless steel. A keg is equivalent to 6.9 cases of 24 12-fluid-ounce bottles of beer.

Imported European kegs of beer typically come in 13.2-gallon, or 50-liter, and 7.9-gallon, or 30-liter, sizes.

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