How Many Apollo Missions Were There?

NASA/Public Domain

There were 17 Apollo missions between 1963 and 1972, 12 of which were manned. Of these 12 missions, Apollo 7 and Apollo 9 were orbit flight tests that did not land on the moon. In 1967, there was an accident that took the lives of three astronauts who were conducting a test run before a scheduled flight.

The Apollo lunar manned missions included Apollo 8, 10, 11, 12,13, 14,15,16 and 17. Apollo 8 and Apollo 10 missions only orbited the moon, while the rest of the missions, with the exception of Apollo 13, did land on the moon. The Apollo 13 mission did not land on the moon because of an on-board accident that forced the crew to return to Earth.

The Apollo program was launched in 1963 and lasted until the early 1970s. The goal of the Apollo program was to place a man on the moon. During the time period before the manned missions, there were many unmanned missions, such as the Apollo-Saturn missions.