How Do You Make a Wind Turbine at Home?


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To build your own wind turbine for generating electricity, first longitudinally cut 2 to 3 feet of PVC pipe into three sections. Cut one of the sections at a 60 degree angle, and cut the other two at 150 degree angles. These sections form the turbine blades.

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How Do You Make a Wind Turbine at Home?
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Next, attach each of the blades to a central hub made from a dulled saw blade. Drill three sets of holes, each spaced 120 degrees from each other, and use screws to attach the blades to the hub. Then, use a sheet of steel, a pipe nibble, square tubing and a flange to create a spinning platform for the generator's motor. Use a cut section of scrap PVC pipe to fashion a layer of weather protection for the generator motor. Attach the blade hub to the motor shaft, and place the motor inside of the weather protector.

Construct a tower using steel tubes or PVC piping to erect the wind turbine at least 10 feet above the ground. Attach the motor lead wires to a diode to prevent electrical back flow, and then attach the wires to a battery bank. You need to attach the wind turbine to a series of 12V deep cycle batteries connected in series. Finally, tap electricity from the terminals of these batteries, which the operational wind turbine keeps consistently charged.

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