How Do You Make a Wind Power Generator on Your Own?

To make a wind power generator on your own, use bamboo or plumbing pipes for the blades and a 2-by-4 and a metal sheet for the wind tail. Affix the blades to a pulley with teeth and the motor to the wind tail. Attach the turbine to a post, affix the floor flange, and introduce the wires through it to the tower's base. Finally, connect the generator's wires to a controller and then to a battery.

To make the wind power generator's blades, cut a 24- by 4-inch bamboo into thirds across its length. Make a marking 6 inches above one end of the bamboo piece. Cut approximately 2 inches around the stalk's curve, and sand to form a wing shape.

Fit the pulley on a motor shaft, and attach the blades to this hub using bolts. If the pulley is small, bolt a disk of 5 inches diameter to the pulley, and then attach the blades to it.

Affix a DC motor of 99-volt capacity to a 2- to 3-foot long 2-by-4. At the 2-by-4's other end, affix a heavy 8- by 14-inch metal sheet at a 90-degree angle to make the wind tail. Attach the floor flange beneath the 2-by-4 and about 7 1/2 inches from the side with the motor. Attach a 12-inch iron pipe nipple to the flange using screws, and insert an iron pipe.

Make a hole in the 2-by-4 over the flange. Run the generator wires through the hole into the flange and the iron pipe till tower's base. Secure the turbine to the tower's top. Support the tower using steel cables connected to four fence brackets with chain links.

Connect the generator's wires to a controller, and connect the latter's cables to a battery.