How Do You Make a Weekly Schedule?


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A weekly schedule is a personal organizational tool that keeps track of important dates and appointments. You can make weekly schedules using a variety of templates and applications or from your own personal design.

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How Do You Make a Weekly Schedule?
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  1. Choose the layout

    Weekly schedules often display one week at a time, sometimes without weekends included. They feature grids with boxes that correspond to particular dates and either times of the day or categories. Decide how many blocks per day you need and what each of these blocks represent. Choose either the leftmost column or the topmost row. Label this with the days of the week. Many apps for phones and email accounts provide calendars that choose the layout for you.

  2. Use a consistent code or key

    Schedules are supposed to be quick reference points. Items should be short but informative. Create a code based on colors, symbols or recognizable abbreviations so you can quickly update and understand your schedules. Symbols or codes can indicate whether an item is mandatory, whether there's a cost associated with it or whether it's linked to a previous or future event.

  3. Fill in your schedule each week

    Update your schedule at least once a week. Add, remove, or amend items as needed. Make sure that you indicate start and finish times associated with items you add.

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