How Do You Make a Volcano Erupt Without Vinegar?

To make a volcano erupt without using vinegar, use mint Mentos and a diet soda, like Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. Add the Mentos to the model volcano first, and then pour in the soda.

  1. Set up the volcano area

    Put down a waterproof layer, like plastic trash bags, and place newspapers on top where you are going to make the volcano erupt. These two layers help to absorb the mess. Also, have cleaning supplies ready, such as paper towels and a mop, to catch any spills.

  2. Insert the Mentos into a small tube

    Once you open the Mentos, put them in a small tube. Use a piece of cardboard to cover the hole so you can invert it later in the experiment without releasing the candy.

  3. Place a two-liter of soda in the volcano

    Open the diet cola, and gently move the soda around to increase the bubbles. Insert the bottle into the center of the volcano with the top facing up. If your volcano is already built and it is too narrow, try using another container for the soda.

  4. Add the Mentos

    Cover the container of Mentos with the cardboard, and invert it. Hold it over the container of diet soda, matching up the opening of the tube with the opening of the soda bottle. Remove the cardboard so the Mentos drop into the soda. Stand back and watch the eruption.