How Do You Make a Solar System Poster?

How Do You Make a Solar System Poster?

To make a Solar System poster, gather your materials. Then, cut the planets to size, paint them accordingly, and use a string compass to draw the orbits of the planets. Attach and label each planet.

  1. Gather your materials

    You will need Styrofoam balls, poster board, paints, string compass, markers, tape and glue to make a Solar System poster.

  2. Cut the planets to size

    Cut the Styrofoam balls in half to make the planets. Make sure the diameters of the planets are accurate relative to each other. For example, the ball for Jupiter would be 4 to 7 inches, Saturn 3 to 6 inches, Uranus 4 to 5 inches, Neptune 3 to 4 inches, Venus 2 inches, Earth 2 inches, Mars 1 1/2 inches and Mercury 1 inch. There should also be a half sphere for the Sun.

  3. Paint the planets and Sun

    Paint the half spheres the right colors for each planet and the Sun. The Sun is yellow. Mercury is orange. Venus is yellow. Earth is blue. Mars is red. Jupiter is brown with a red spot. Saturn is yellow with a red ring. The ring can be made with cardboard or foam. Uranus is green. Neptune is blue.

  4. Mark the planets' orbits

    First, mark where you want the Sun to be located on the poster. Use a string compass to draw the orbits of each planet. Highlight the orbits with marker.

  5. Attach the planets and the Sun

    Attach the planets and the Sun to the poster board with glue. Place each planet somewhere along its orbit line.

  6. Label the planets

    Label the planets, and include any other relevant information about each planet.