How Do You Make Smoke Bombs Without Potassium Nitrate?[DIFFICULT]?

One way to make a smoke bomb without potassium nitrate is to use newspapers and a cold pack. Materials needed include ammonium nitrate, which can be taken from a cold pack, water, newspaper, and a large pan or bucket. Wear disposable gloves for skin protection while handling ammonia nitrate.

First, cut the cold pack open and throw away the packet of water. Pour the leftover ammonium nitrate granules into a bucket or large pan. Next, turn the ammonium nitrate into a solution so the newspaper can absorb it. Do this by adding just enough water to the ammonium nitrate so that it dissolves the granules. If too much water is added, the result may be less smoke.

Dip a sheet of newspaper into the ammonium nitrate solution, and let it absorb the liquid for about 30 seconds. Carefully fold the newspaper to make it easier to handle, and then lay it out flat to dry. Once it is dry, secure the newspaper by rolling it up and closing it with tape or string, or twist it closed to complete the smoke bomb. Finally, light the smoke bomb in a safe area by igniting one of the edges of the rolled up newspaper.