How Do You Make Sleeping Powder?

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A homemade sleeping powder can be made from essential herbs and oils, according to, or from a mixture of salt and sugar, according to A mixture of the correct herbs and oils promotes relaxation and sleep, while a powder made of salt and sugar keeps stress hormones in check and regulates metabolism. explains a sleeping powder can be made by mixing together ground lavender and chamomile (which can be obtained from a tea bag). Capsules of valerian and/or ground St. John's wort may also be added. This powder is mixed together and placed in a sachet or sprinkled around the pillow.

Butter Believer offers a sleep powder recipe of 5 tablespoons organic cane sugar, 1 tablespoon sucaat rapadura (unrefined cane juice with all minerals intact) and 2 teaspoons real salt. These ingredients are put into a baggie and shaken vigorously. To use the powder, a tiny amount is dissolved underneath the tongue. This powder is particularly effective for those who wake up in the middle of the night and cannot return to sleep. Butterbeliever further explains that sleep health is about regulating the body's hormones and keeping stress hormones in check. This allows cells to do their job, which is to produce energy. Sugar and salt both assist the body in keeping stress hormones under control.