How Do You Make a Simple Pulley System?

make-simple-pulley-system Credit: Marlon E/CC-BY-2.0

The pulley is an effective mechanism that allows the user to lift or drag an object without overexerting. Making a simple pulley system requires just a few basic steps. To construct this system, you will need a basic pulley, screws or nails, a hammer or a drill and the item that will be inserted through the pulley. This item could be rope, wire or string, depending on the weight of the object being moved.

  1. Determine the task that the simple pulley needs to perform

    Observe the item and the direction that it will need to be moved. While there could be items of multiple sizes, try your best to determine the main functionality that must be met. Heavier objects will require stronger string or perhaps even a cable or wire. If the pulley will be lifting an object, then it will need to be mounted from the ceiling or some above-ground fixture. If the object needs to be dragged, the pulley will need to be attached to the wall parallel to the ground.

  2. Attach the pulley

    Attach the pulley in the desired location. This typically involves screwing or hammering the base into position. If this pulley will be dragging an object across the floor, make sure that you do not place it too high or low. This may cause the rope or other pulling mechanism to be placed under greater stress because of the angle formed.

  3. String the line through the pulley

    String the line through the pulley. If you are using a single pulley, just pass the line over the spool. If there are multiple pulleys, pass the line over one pulley and under the other until the line comes out the other end.