How Do You Make Simple Machines?


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Many simple machines don't have to be made. Instead they are objects that are used in everyday life. Items like wheelbarrows, rolling pins and baseball bats are all examples of items that can be used as simple machines.

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There are several types of simple machines. One example is the level ? a simple machine that consists of a rigid object and a fulcrum or pivot. When a force is applied to one end of the object, it pivots about the fulcrum, which magnifies the force at another point along the object. There are three types of levers, and they vary based on the relation of the input force, output force and fulcrum. Examples of a lever include swinging a baseball bat, a seesaw, a wheelbarrow and a crowbar.

A wheel-and-axle simple machine is a circular device that is attached to a rigid bar in its center. When a force is applied to the wheel, it causes the axle to rotate. Using a rolling pin or any object that rolls around a bar, such as a wheel on the axle of a car, counts as creating a wheel-and-axle machine.

Sometimes, simple machines can be combined to create a much larger one, such as a bicycle.

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